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Staff Bios

Buck (Owner)

Born: Chico, California
Hometown: Tahoe City, California
Years skiing: 35
Grew up skiing: Sugar Bowl & Lassen Park!
Country's Skied: USA, Canada, Europe
Orthotic Education: Trained at Robert M Palmer Institute of Bio-mechanics
Experience: Owner/founder Olympic Bootworks, Owner/founder Java Summit Sports, Owner High Sierra Ski Shop.
Major Skiing Influences: Tony Marth, European ski racing Champion with deep family roots in Saint Anton and came to Sugar Bowl to run the Ski School, Lance Saylor his family owned Donner Ski Ranch and woke Buck up to truly awesome skiing feats, plus Squaw Locals Scot Smidt, Glen Plake, Kevin Andrews, Steve Mckinney and Darren Rahlves. 
Favorite Ski Run: KT22, Squaw Valley. Favorite Ski Mountain: Mount Lassen
Favorite Skiing Experience: Chugach Range, Alaska, St. Anton, Austria.
Favorite Skis: Atomic Atlas
Favorite Ski Boot: Lange RS 130 with Olympic Works
Favorite Skiing Zones: Southeast Alaska, Saint Anton Austria, Squaw Valley, California; Blackcomb/ Whistler, Canada
Favorite thing to do after skiing: Saki Bombs at Mamasake SquawValley!


Born: Enumclaw,  Washington
Hometown: Incline Village, Nevada
Years skiing: 37
Grew up skiing Alpinetal, Stevens Pass, Crystal Mountain
Country's Skied: USA, Canada,  New Zealand
Skiing education: Sierra Nevada College Ski Businesses Mangement, Master fit, 1, 2,  Lange University.
Experience: Olympic Bootworks, Porters, Heavenly Sports, Speciality Sports Venture, Dynastar, Lange, Look & Kerma
Major Skiiing Influences: Debbie Armstrong Olympic Gold Medalist, Russ Truman USA Ski Team coach,  Andrew McLain Ski coach, and Dave Murray Canadian Ski Team coach.

Favorite Ski Run: Bubbies Run Chugach, Alaska, USA
Favorite Ski Mountain:  Craigieburn, New Zealand
Favorite Skiing Experience: Anytime a Snorkel is needed
Favorite Skis: Micky Mouse skis from K2 first pair ever!
Favorite Boots: Lange RS 130 with the Olympic Works
Favorite Skiing Zones: Chugach, Alaska, New Zealand, and Lake Tahoe, California.
Most Famous Ski Move: Tip dragging 360 Spinning Ballet twist!


Born: Portland, Or
Hometown: Truckee
Years skiing: 38
Grew up skiing: Sugar Bowl, Boreal, Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley
Orthotic education: 10 year graduate of Master fit University, Superfeet custom insole certified, Lange University graduate.
Ski Industry Background: Ski Stalker, Citrus Heights Ca. 1979 & 81, Manager, Porters Ski and Sport (Trucke) 1982-2003.
Favorite Ski Run: anything with powder
Favorite Ski Experience: Moving to Steamboat Springs Colorado in 1980.   I drove from California to Colorado in my 1962 Mercury Meteor and skied 85 days.   Saw the Grateful Dad in Bolder in the spring of 1981.
Favorite Ski: Faction Prodigy
Favorite Boot: Lange 130 - with Olympic Boot Works custom insole

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